Otoplasty Procedure – Ear Surgery

The Otoplasty procedure is an ear surgery performed with a fine incision placed in the natural crease area behind the ear. The exact location of the incision and the techniques utilized to reshape the ear depend on the patient’s ear shape and goals. In most cases, patients find that the top portion of the ear sticks out more than desired.  In this case, the upper portion of the ear is tucked closer to the head with the placement of permanent sutures carefully placed in the ear cartilage beneath the skin.  Prominence of the central portion of the ear can be corrected by tucking the ear closer to the head with sutures or the reduction of excess cartilage which is causing the prominent shape.  Dr. Bresnick can also reduce the prominence or size of the earlobe if desired. The goal of otoplasty ear surgery procedure is to give the ear a natural and attractive shape which nicely matches a patient’s facial shape.  The before and after otoplasty photos on the site show a sample of the improvement which can be achieved with a carefully performed otoplasty ear surgery procedure.

Before After Otoplasty Ear Surgery Before After Otoplasty Ear Surgery

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